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    Oct-05 - Eastern Fall Meet • Hershey, PA

    Oct-09 - ****Recommend we move to 16th

    Oct-16 - Rockville Antique & Classic Car Show

    Oct-16 - BRR Meeting and speaker

Car of the Month
1971 Pontiac LeMans Sport Convertible

Ray needed a car and purchased the 1971 Pontiac LeMans Sport Convertible in 1973 from his step-father, who happened to be a used car dealer. The 23,000 miles then showing on the odometer was about right for a two-year old car. Ray was the second owner of the car, which was originally purchased at Blank Pontiac in Washington, D.C. Although Ray always liked cars, this was long before he became a serious hobbyist.

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In 2016 Bull Run Region lost these long time members:
Ruth Blankenship
Dorothy Clem
Warren Bain
The Region has made donations in their memory to the AACA.

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