41st Rohr Show
September 17, 2016

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Upcoming Event

    Aug-27 - EVENT CANCELLED -BRR Summer Fun Scavenger drive ending in pot luck picnic at Jin and Edna Cross' near Leesburg

    Sep-11 - BRR Meeting Tour of renovated Manassas Fire Dept museum by Pete Pandolfi.

    Sep-11 - Revival AAA Glidden Tour - North Conway, NH

    Sep-17 - 41st Rohr show

Car of the Month
Bill Palombo 1926 Chevy

Bill Palombo learned about mechanical things on a farm when he was very young, and now was looking for a hobby that could put his skills to good use. He thought about it and decided that the old car hobby was the thing for him. So, he set off in search of a car.

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In 2016 Bull Run Region lost these long time members:
Ruth Blankenship
Dorothy Clem
Warren Bain
The Region has made donations in their memory to the AACA.

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