43nd Edgar Rohr Show

Saturday September 15, 2018

Manassas Museum Grounds, 9101 Prince William St.,
Manassas, VA 20110

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April Car of The Month

In 1946, Willys-Overland Motors introduced the Willys Utility Wagon describing it as a "people's car". Perhaps the original sport utility vehicle, the Willys Wagon was the first all-steel, factory-built station wagon in North America designed to compete with the “rear” wood wagons manufactured by Detroit’s Big Three.

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The following Bull Run Region members won national awards for their cars at various National AACA meets in 2016:

Franklin Gage
John Zampino
Ken Farley
Bob Mantz
Jim Batcheider
Tom McQueen.

Members winning ANY AACA national awards should let BRR Chief Judge, Franklin Gage know so we can recognize you’re your hard work and excellent results. Congratulations from all BRR members!”

Upcoming Events

    Apr-28 - 2018 ODMA Meet, Lacey Springs Elementary, 8621 North Valley Pike, Harrisonburg, VA 22018. More information to come

    May-20 - (changed from May 13 for Mother's Day) Club Meeting at 29 Diner (proposed) - (no speaker)

    May-31 - AACA Grand National, Greensburg, PA

    Jun-10 - Club Meeting, 4:00 PM VFW Hall, Manassas, VA. Speaker: Cynthia Lee Monroe; car racing in Kensington, MD.

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Vehicle for Sale

1941 Buick Super 51C 4 Door Convertible
Asking $33,000 (negotiable)

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Honorary Members

    Rod Anastasi

    Eck Blankenship

    Nathan Clark

    Vern Parker

    Jeanne Welch

    Herman and Janice Wilson

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