Calendar of Events

Local and National Events

Apr-04 - AACA Southeastern Spring Meet, Charlotte, NC

Apr-14 - Club Meeting at VFW in Manassas (Palm Sunday)

Apr-29 - AACA Southeastern Divisional Tour, Wilmington, NC

May-19 - Club Meeting at 29 Diner – proposed (Mother's Day 12 May)

May-30 - AACA Annual Grand National, Auburn, IN

Jun-09 - Club Meeting at VFW in Manassas

Jun-26 - AACA Eastern Spring National Meet, Parsippany, NJ

Jul-14 - Club meeting at VFW in Manassas

Aug-11 - NO SPEAKER -- Annual picnic

Sep-08 - NO SPEAKER -- (Rohr Show meeting) -- meet at VFW Manassas

Oct-09 - AACA Eastern Fall Meet, Hershey, PA

Oct-20 - Club Meeting at VFW Manassas

Nov-10 - NO SPEAKER (Annual business meeting) -- meet at VFW Manassas -- nominations for office

Dec-08 - NO SPEAKER – Club Meeting meet at VFW; Elections

Bull Run Driving Events

Jun-02 - AACA Founders Tour, Seward, NE

Aug-04 - AACA Vintage Tour, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Sep-22 - AACA Glidden Tour, Charlotte, NC