The Bull Run Region was founded by Howard Hamm, and was chartered by the Antique Automobile Club of America in April of 1967. The first meeting of the Bull Run Region was held at the Manassas Town Hall on April 11, 1967. The Bull Run Region of the Antique Automobile Club of American includes the area generally known as "Northern Virginia."

The purpose of the Bull Run Region is the collection and preservation of antique automobiles and related items.

All members of the AACA are welcome.

For information on joining the Bull Run Region, please fill out application.

Charter Members of the Bull Run Region

Howard Hamm

James B. Cross
James Garwood
W. F. Dowell
Warren Hnyson
Edgar E. Rohr
William Clem
William Yankey
J. H. Cross
Charles E. Chelf
Robert Barnes
W. C. Ashby
Leonard Yankey
W. W. Ramsey
Warren Sloper
Colin Phipps
Renn C. Rohr
Robert Dellinger
Bergie Jewell
Raymond Spittle
Rodney Asastasi
Larry Yankey
Carlos Perry
Herman Wilson
Phillip Spittle
Charles Akers
Worth E. Greer
Bobby Payne
James Epling