The Edgar Rohr Trophy

Each year at the Edgar Rohr Memorial Car Meet, the region presents a special trophy to a show registrant selected by a member of the Rohr Family. Walser Rohr started this Bull Run tradition in 1992 by presenting Bill Peugh a set of glasses for his 1907 Orient. Edgar and Walser Rohr were founding members of the Bull Run Region AACA. Edgar Rohr was a National AACA Director from 1960-1983 and AACA President from 1963-1964. Walser was an advocate of women’s involvement in AACA and was a frequent speaker at National meetings. Since Walser’s death, their son Chip and his wife Nancy have continued this tradition and the award became the Edgar and Walser Rohr Award. Each year Chip and Nancy walk the show field to select a driver and vehicle they believe best represents the meaning and traditions of our antique car hobby as well as reflect the spirit of the Rohr’s interest in early autos and family involvement in the hobby.

Edgar Rohr Trophy winners:

1992Bill Peugh1907 Orient
1993Foster Fike 1924 Buick Touring
1994Charlie Foster for 50 years of care of the Rohr collection
1995James Gregory 1910 Buick
1996John Sinnott 1925 Dodge Brothers
1997Jim & Edna Cross 1906 Buick Model E
1998Jimmy Hatcher 1910 Haynes
1999Gerry Oakman 1952 Pontiac Chieftan
2000Bill Sessler Edgar Rohr’s 1915 Ford Touring
2001Bob & Tom Schenk 1911 & 1914 Ford Touring
2002Earl & Judy Beauchamp, Jr. 1939 Buick Special Convertible
2003Ken & Shirley Farley 1928 Chevrolet Touring
2004Howard Aylestock` 929 Republic Truck
2005Jeff Bailey 1924 Ford Model T Touring
2006Mike & Audrey Danzig 1913 Overland Touring 40hp
2007James “Jimmie” Hatcher 1910 Haynes Runabout
2008Karl Anderson 1937 Buick 46C
2009Jim & Edna Cross 1906 Buick Touring Car
2010Robert L. Montague 1932 Packard
2011Patricia Paquette for special service to the Region & hobby
2012Jeff Brown 1906 Wayne
2013Franklin Gage 1927 Chevrolet Cabriolet
2014Tim Ketchum 1943 Willys Army Jeep
2015David & Lorie Greenberg 1933 Chrysler LeBaron
2016Jon Battle 1937 Hudson Terraplane
2017Wally Hunt 1923 Ford Model T
2018John Stamberg 1924 Chrysler 70