Club Awards and Recognitions

AACA National Award

In 1993, the A.A.C.A. presented the Bull Run Region with the I.C. Kirkland Membership Award; representing the region with the largest percentage increase in membership.

Howard Hamm Founder’s Award

The Howard Hamm Founder’s Award is presented to a member or members who have been particularly helpful to the President and is selected by the President.

1991Nancy Windingland1992Dick Hilegass1993Tom & Juli Aubrey
1994John & Sue Carlton1995Nicki Hudson1996Sue Carlton & Bill Peugh
1997Joe Drago1998Jim, Sally & Kelly Batchelder 1999Bob Parks
2000Pat Paquette 2001Harry Gibson2002Mike Jones & Herb Peveri
2003Norris & Betty Waterfield 2004Nicki Hudson2005Richard Porter
2006Franklin Gage & Peter Pandolfi 2007Leonard & Pat Paquette2008Jon Battle
2009Pete & Pam Pandolfi, Richard & Pat Porter2010Lee & Lita Yarberry 2011Ralph Lankford
2014Jon Battle 2012William Sessler 2013Pete Pandolfi
2017Jon Battle 2015Steve White 2016Bill Winter

Ambassador Award

The Ambassador’s Award is presented to a member or members who best represent and promote the Bull Run Region. The recipient of this award is also chosen by the President.

1991John Logan1992 Jeanne Welch1993Harry & Christine Gibson
1994 Jim & Sally Batchelder 1995Eck & Ruth Blankenship 1996Bob Parks
1997Sam Fletcher 1998Ken & Shirley Farley 1999Norris & Betty Waterfield
2000Bill & Ruth Peugh2001Franklin Gage & Nancy Windingland2003Mike, Ruth, Danielle & Chris Jones
2004Bob Parks2005Peter Pandolfi & Franklin Gage2006Jon Battle
2007Jim, Sally & Kelly Batchelder2008William Sessler 2009Franklin Gage
2010 Joe & Molly Drago 2011William Sessler 2012Bill Holmes
2013Scott Patton & Nicki Hudson2014Bill Sessler, Darryll Baker, George & Joann Richardson 2015 Scott Patton
2017Pete Pandolfi, Ray & Lenita Franklin2016 Jon Battle

Continuous Service Award

Awarded to a member with 10 or more consecutive years of membership for continued exceptional service to the club. The winner is selected by committee.

2003Gene & Jeanne Welch2004Harry & Christine Gibson2005Eck & Ruth Blankenship
2006Ken & Shirley Farley2007Nicki Hudson2008Jim, Sally & Kelly Batchelder
2009Nancy Windingland2010George & Joann Richardson2011Leonard & Pat Paquette
2012Joe & Molly Drago 2013William Sessler 2014Franklin Gage
2015Jon Battle 2016Peter & Pam Pandolfi 2017Chip & Nancy Rohr

Arthur Ault Award

The Arthur Ault Award is presented annually to a member or members of the Bull Run Region for outstanding service to the region throughout the year. The winner is selected by committee; the chairperson of this committee is appointed by the President. The recipient of this award chooses the vehicle which will appear on the dash plaque for the upcoming car show.

1972Warren Hynson 1973Walser Rohr 1974Lu Hopkins
1975Ron & Julie Stinger1976Dorothy Clem1977Duane Perrin
1978Herman Wilson1979John & Edith Hottle1980Paul & Ginger Combs
1981Samuel Aylesworth 1982Arthur & Ann McLaughlin 1983Bob & Virginia Burke
1984Bob & Carmen Smith 1985James & Brace Hibbard 1986Paul Ebert
1987Bill & Louise Vincent 1988Gene Welch1989William Sessler
1990Bob & Kathryn Parks1991John & Rosemary Gunsett1992Bud & Erma Lewis
1993Bill Peugh 1994Tom & Juli Aubrey 1995Roy McClanahan & Nancy Windingland
1996Jim, Sally & Kelly Batchelder1997John & Sue Carlton1998Nicki Hudson in memory of Kent Hudson
1999Harry Gibson2000Leonard & Pat Paquette2001Norris & Betty Waterfield
2002Eck & Ruth Blankenship 2003Franklin Gage 2004Ken & Shirley Farley
2005Joe & Molly Drago 2006Richard & Patricia Porter 2007Mike, Ruth, Danielle & Christopher Jones
2008Mike, Dawn & Jessica Curry2009Jon Battle 2010Pete & Pam Pandolfi
2011George & Joann Richardson2012Scott Patton 2013Ralph Lankford
2014Bill Holmes2015Ray & Lenita Franklin2016Darryll & Kathy Baker
2017Nicki Hudson